Statistical (in)capacity and government (in)decisions: The Philippines at the time of COVID-19 pandemic

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: The most recent report by the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (May 2020) on the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak validates Stefania Milan and Emiliano Treré’s (April 2020) claim that the Global South is “virtually absent” from the “number-based narration of the pandemic.” Although there was […]


Project report by 鄒文君, 葉寶儀, 劉璧嘉, 郭佳, 黃雋浩 Abstract: The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement (Anti-ELAB Movement) in Hong Kong has made 2019 uneasy for us. Our eyes weep in the tear gas, and our hearts burn with the city. Not only because we have a long and deep personal connection with Hong Kong, but […]

Socio-Environmental Conflicts in Asia: Insights from EJAtlas

Project report by Lungani Hlongwa, Fernan Talamayan, and Weisyun Chen. Abstract: With increasing energy demands, the need for social infrastructure, and the neoliberalization of the environment, socio-environmental conflicts have increased dramatically in recent decades. In advocating for environmental justice and community rights, our collaborative research project titled “Socio-Environmental Conflicts in Asia: Insights from EJAtlas” examined […]

The Non-Fictitious Destiny of Youth in Hong Kong

Article by LI Qi. Abstract: The film Ordinary Heroes (1999) by Hong Kong director Ann Hui tells the story of a group of social activists in the 1980s in Hong Kong. The director combines fictitious narratives with non-fictitious characters and historical contexts, making the film an allegory of the Hong Kong society. Focusing on the Left […]

The Coronavirus crisis as interregnum

Article by Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado. Abstract: The coronavirus crisis is changing more aspects of the status quo than the purely economic ones commonly stated. In this article, I discuss my travel experience in India during the outbreak of the pandemic, which I accompany with reflections on the identity and antagonistic effects it is provoking. A […]

Transgression of Female Stereotypes and Empowerment of Women in The Third Wife

Film review by Lan-Hanh Nguyen. Abstract: This article reviews the Vietnamese award-winning film The Third Wife (director Ash Mayfair, 2019) in relation to the film’s transgression of female stereotypes and empowerment of women. Through the filmmaker’s feminist perspective, The Third Wife offers an alternative understanding of patriarchy and gender oppression. It offers a closer look at […]