Repositioning Hong Kong Studies in Southeast Asia through the Lens of Cultural Politics: Review on Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (Book review)

Header image “Hong Kong” by Gabriel is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Book review by Ip, Po Yee. Abstract: This article is a book review on Zardas Shuk-man Lee’s recently published book Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong, an extensive historical research regarding the institution of film censorship in Hong Kong during the 1940s-1970s. From […]

Blazing as Fire: A Love Story Before Dawn (Book Review)

Header photo by Christian Roßwag on Unsplash Book review by Christine Chow. Abstract: How should we comprehend Taiwanese literature under Japanese rule (1895-1945)? What was the meaning of literature for Taiwanese writers at that time? Furthermore, how could we evaluate the significance of their works? For those who are interested in the above questions, the latest published book […]

Class Dismissed: The Malaysian Chinese Community in Bukit Mertajam

Header image by p2cl is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Article by Zhao Yen Beh. Abstract: The grand narrative regarding Malaysian Chinese community as a ‘rich community’ is still dominant in Malaysia which overshadows the real situation of Malaysian Chinese community since Malaysian Chinese tycoons only make up a small part of the community. Therefore, […]

Sinophone studies: the voice of subaltern?

Header image: Map of Formosa (Taiwan) and Surrounding Countries by Dutch Frederik de Wit,1662. Article by Lin Shih Chun. Abstract: Sinophone, a concept that has been quite popular in Taiwan in recent years. The goal of this studies is to reveal the “voice” of minorities in the literature. However, the so-called “multilingualism” doesn’t actually resolve […]

Asian Model of Democracy, Changing of Old Notions

Header image “Democracy” by Roel Wijnants is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Article by Hazem Almassry. Abstract: The Asian model of democracy presented special experiences that are at odds with the prevailing notions about democracy derived from Western experiences, like democracy brings prosperity and development, and democracy is not suitable for all societies, like Muslim societies… […]

Colonialism and its role in Hindu-Muslim identity formation in India

Header image “Peinture murale (Palais du Fort Meherangarh, Jodhpur)” by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Article by Feeza Vasudeva. Abstract: The article highlights the ways in which Hindu and Muslim communal conflicts are a result of colonial governmental policies and practices. To do so, the article presents some of the practices that have […]

Arab cities protest and bleed

Header image “Dubai Downtown skyline from the Index Tower rooftop” by Alex DROP is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Article by Hadeel Natsheh. Abstract: The Arab city is nowadays closer to a bloody battlefield in which different social and economic strata are contested, and great ideologies and narratives are closely related to city crisis and […]

Logistical Worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour (book review)

Book review by Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado.   Abstract This book comprises 11 different chapters written by different authors but revolving around the same topic: how globalization and the dynamics of logistics, information software, geopolitics, neocapitalism and other factors are affecting the world and, specially, labour markets and workers. Most of the elements related in […]