The Problem of Capitalists Owning Production: An Introduction to Indian Farmers and the Rising Agrarian Crisis

Article by Noorah Fazal Jukaku. Abstract: Indian farmers are susceptible to exploitation due to the neo-liberal economic reformations that occurred in India during the 1990s. A capitalistic society with a free-market economy, India holds the world’s second-largest agricultural output. Yet, the agrarian crisis has increased over time, which has unfortunate consequences for not only the farmers […]

The Conspicuous Lack of “Post-Colonial” in Nandy’s Uncolonized Minds

Article by Feeza Vasudeva. Abstract: The article reviews Ashish Nandy’s work to explore the idea of post-colonialism. In his book, The Intimate Enemy, Nandy is talking about the psychology of the colonized and the colonizer from what can be a so-called “post-colonial” position. Still, he rarely mentions the term “post-colonial.” When he does, as in the […]

Environmental Crime and Development Challenges: The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Asia

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: The global illegal wildlife trade is a billion-dollar industry and a second most abundant form of trade in the black market. It poses a threat to biodiversity, national development, security, human, and animal health. Southeast Asia, due to its biodiversity, is a center of illicit wildlife trade. Governments are struggling […]

A film review: How does Joker make us feel?

Film review by Lan-Hanh Nguyen. Abstract: This article discusses the film Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, which had its first public screening on October 4, 2019. The paper attempts to refute a part of the media’s claim that the film is too dark and could incite violence. It invokes many film productions whose selling point is […]

Networks as a methodology: Examining the Sino-Philippine relations and the Belt and Road Initiative through a relational framework

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: The article used networks as a methodology since it offers a relational framework for analyzing the regional and global political economy. Using the Sino-Philippine relation and the Belt and Road Initiative as examples, it explained the theoretical considerations, as well as the potential applications of a relational framework in studying territorial […]

The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence: A Documentary Review

Documentary review by Lungani Hlongwa. Abstract: These two documentaries are about the mass murder of Chinese Indonesians in the period 1965–1966. The Act of Killing, directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, was released in 2012 and follows a man named Anwar Congo, who was an executioner during the mass murders. The second documentary, The Look of Silence, was […]

Repositioning Hong Kong Studies in Southeast Asia through the Lens of Cultural Politics: Review on Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (Book review)

Book review by Ip, Po Yee. Abstract: This article is a book review on Zardas Shuk-man Lee’s recently published book Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong, an extensive historical research regarding the institution of film censorship in Hong Kong during the 1940s-1970s. From the perspective of film censorship studies, Lee’s ambitious work […]

Blazing as Fire: A Love Story Before Dawn (Book Review)

Book review by Christine Chow. Abstract: How should we comprehend Taiwanese literature under Japanese rule (1895-1945)? What was the meaning of literature for Taiwanese writers at that time? Furthermore, how could we evaluate the significance of their works? For those who are interested in the above questions, the latest published book of Lai Hsiang-yin(賴香吟), A […]