Are Alternatives Available?: A Case Study of Mui Wo

Article by Christine Chow. Abstract: Since 2008, numerous land movements have been opposing to government-led developmental projects in the New Territories. These projects are considered as hybrid products of developmentalism, predatory capitalism, as well as Sino-Hong Kong regional integration. To respond to the government projects, land movements bring out divergent opinions of “the needed development(s)” for […]

Manifestations of Neoliberal Policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Article by Hazem D. S. Al-massry. Abstract: Since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994, the PA has applied neoliberal policies on the areas which fall under its control. Moreover, all development plans have been created for the Palestinian Authority with the help of international organizations and institutions that promote neoliberal policies. This study addresses […]

The Geostrategic Location of Myanmar and its Influence on the Rohingya Conflict

Article by Hanne Van Regemortel. Abstract: The aim of this research article is to investigate the connection between the Rohingya conflict and economic developments within Arakan State in Myanmar. The Rohingya conflict is often framed as an exclusively ethnic and/or religious conflict while little attention has been paid to the capitalist aspect of the conflict. However, […]

Realigning a Nation: Analyzing Duterte’s Foreign Policy Shift in the Context of China’s Bid for Global Supremacy

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: Recent developments between China and the Philippines paints a rosy picture of cooperation that is closer than ever, with Philippine President Duterte’s move towards the emerging regional power that postures a foreign policy shift for many is too close for comfort. This article argues that the emergence of China as a […]