In the last two centuries, since the inauguration of modern university, the Humanities or the human sciences have played an indispensable role in shaping knowledge production in the modern world. Despite the astounding development of the natural sciences and the emergence of social sciences, the Humanities cannot be ignored because it has been primarily in the domains of humanistic sciences that the formation of the modern national subjects has been inaugurated, planned, pursued and propagated. The task of the Humanities was to envision the image of civilized man and to manufacture modern subjects suitable to and capable of the missions of territorial national sovereignty in the modern world dictated by the system of international law.

Today, the modern international world has been characterized by the consecration of the nation-state on the one hand and the colonial order of the world on the other. It is of no surprise that, in the last several decades, the gradual receding of the colonial and international order of the modern world has been accompanied by the crisis of the nation-state. Broadly speaking we call Globalization the on-going process in which the collapse of the colonial-imperial order is taking place, along with the weakening of the nation-states.

Conflicts we witness in East Asia today are not independent of this historical process of globalization. Of particular importance are the legacies of colonialisms that loom large in the western Pacific. Taking into account colonial histories in which modern educational systems were established by the British (in Singapore and Hong Kong), the Japanese (Taiwan, Korea, and Japan), and the American (East Asia in general since the end of the Asia Pacific War, and even China in recent years) colonialisms, we cannot overlook the overwhelming presence of the internationality of modernity in the formation of modern education and universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and even China. Therefore, this platform will highlight the three main issues of conflict, justice and decolonization not only in Asia, but also some other parts of the world.