“Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Society” Submission Guidelines

Aims and Scope

“Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Society” provides scholars with opportunities to widely and swiftly circulate their works in progress, and to encourage fruitful discussion. We invite submission of original articles related to the broad themes of Conflict, Justice, and Decolonization: Critical Studies in Inter-Asian Societies, which is to investigate urgent questions related to different forms of conflict, injustice and the possibilities of knowledge decolonization mutually affecting Asian societies. We are particularly interested in, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:

(1) The Politics of Memory and the Art of Governance: State, Nation, and History in Inter-Asian Societies
(2) The Ongoing Shadow of Post/Cold War Cultures on Inter-Asia Knowledge Decolonization
(3) The Advent of a Rising China, Neoliberalism and Neocolonialism in the 21st Century
(4) The Aging of Modernity, Crises of Democracy and Rigidification of Urban Social Spaces
(5) Toward a Society of Equality and Sharing in the Inter-Asian Context: Civic Participation, Legal Reform, Social and Artistic Intervention, Trans-local Free Association

Preparing Your Article

We accept articles responding to emerging thoughts and topics, or specific cultural issues and phenomenon. Articles can both be based on academic research or work as a way to express a position as a forum. The suitability of articles will be reviewed by the editorial team.

a. Structure
A typical article is compiled in the following order: title, author details, abstract (one paragraph between 100 to 150 words), keywords (five or six), main text, references (as described below), and appendices (as appropriate). Moreover, we require the selection of two images (one will be used as the header image of the article) for each submission. We recommend using any Internet photography service (like Flicker) to look for photographies that do not have “all rights reserved”, but are allowed to be used under a “creative commons” license with the due attribution to the author (a link to the selected image should be provided with the article).

b. Word limits
As a reference, we recommend that an article will be around 2000 – 3000 words in English, or 4000 – 5000 characters in Mandarin (bibliography included).

c. Reference guide and citation
We do not require submission to follow any particular style of referencing or citation. You may use any major citation styles, such as Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and APA, as long as they are complete, consistent, and are in line with the general standard of academic publication.

Submitting Your Paper

We are looking for articles in good order. Please spell-check, proofread, and ensure consistency before you submit it. Please send one copy of your article with author’s details (name, affiliation, contact methods) in Word formats. All articles should be sent to iccs.cjdproject@gmail.com. Please indicate in the subject of the email “Article for Conflict, Justice, Decolonization.”