Freedom to Move, No Freedom to Settle: The Labor Migrancy Dilemma in Contemporary China’s Urbanization

Article by LI Qi. Abstract: Until 2018, the number of domestic migrant workers in mainland China exceeded 28 million people, occupying 20% of the overall population. They endured unequal citizenships due to the urban-rural border. Although they worked and lived in cities, they rarely had access to urban welfare. This article tries to explore the emergence […]

Environmental Crime and Development Challenges: The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Asia

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: The global illegal wildlife trade is a billion-dollar industry and a second most abundant form of trade in the black market. It poses a threat to biodiversity, national development, security, human, and animal health. Southeast Asia, due to its biodiversity, is a center of illicit wildlife trade. Governments are struggling […]

Realigning a Nation: Analyzing Duterte’s Foreign Policy Shift in the Context of China’s Bid for Global Supremacy

Article by Fernan Talamayan. Abstract: Recent developments between China and the Philippines paints a rosy picture of cooperation that is closer than ever, with Philippine President Duterte’s move towards the emerging regional power that postures a foreign policy shift for many is too close for comfort. This article argues that the emergence of China as a […]