Decolonizing Knowledge: Casals’ Reception Histories in the Sinophone World within the Global Cold War Context

Article by  Min-Erh Wang (王敏而). Abstract: Generally Speaking, postcolonial studies and Cold War history are deemed as different research categories. Postcolonial scholarships concentrate on the history of British and French empires, and their colonies in the nineteenth century, while the focal point of Cold War studies is the political competition between the U.S. and Soviet […]

Repositioning Hong Kong Studies in Southeast Asia through the Lens of Cultural Politics: Review on Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong (Book review)

Book review by Ip, Po Yee. Abstract: This article is a book review on Zardas Shuk-man Lee’s recently published book Geopolitics and Film Censorship in Cold War Hong Kong, an extensive historical research regarding the institution of film censorship in Hong Kong during the 1940s-1970s. From the perspective of film censorship studies, Lee’s ambitious work […]