Of interregnum and the formation of Malaysian Subaltern Counterpublics (論「空位期」(interregnum) 及馬來西亞「底層民眾對抗領域」(Subaltern Counterpublics) 的形成)

Article by Zikri Rahman. Abstract: The essay focuses on to denote comparative moments of Gramscian notion of interregnum within multiple contexts of democratisation process in Malaysia and its speculative Subaltern Counterpublics potentialities. By situating the writing on contemporary Malaysia politics starting from post-Reformasi 98’ era, it does provides us the contextualisation of the newly unfolded […]

#MeToo Movement and The Potentiality of Feminist Digital Activism against Sexual Harassment in Vietnam (越南的數位行動主義及女性主義)

Article by Duong Thuy Pham (範垂陽). Abstract: This article attempts to discover the way feminists in Vietnam applied information technology for the advocacy of gender equality. As the access to internet of Vietnamese is rapidly improved and online platforms gain its popularity among Vietnamese users, proponents of feminism are likely to receive new tools to raise […]

阿根廷接管工廠運動的歷史與前景 The History and Prospect of Workers’ Self-Management Movement in Argentina. By 萬毓澤  Wan Yu-Ze

阿根廷接管工廠運動的歷史與前景 The History and Prospect of Workers’ Self -Management Movement in Argentina Speaker: 萬毓澤  Wan Yu-Ze Date: 2015/04/29 After Argentina’s serious economic crisis in 2001-03, a large number of factories were taken over, and they borrowed a slogan from the Brazilian landless peasant movement, which is: “occupation, resistance, production!” (ocupar, resistir, producir!). Under the taking over and […]