Neoliberalism in Southeast Asia: Has governmental interference shrunk?

Article by Lan-Hanh Nguyen. Abstract: Drawing on a book chapter (Rodan & Hewison, 2006) and an article (Gainsborough, 2010) about the working of neoliberalism in Southeast Asia, this article discusses the various outcomes of the US’s efforts to liberalize Southeast Asia. Through the cases of Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, the article argues that regarding neoliberalism primarily […]

Arab cities protest and bleed

Article by Hadeel Natsheh. Abstract: The Arab city is nowadays closer to a bloody battlefield in which different social and economic strata are contested, and great ideologies and narratives are closely related to city crisis and moving towards it. Indeed, the city has become a battleground, as if the city by its death is hurling […]

Manifestations of Neoliberal Policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Article by Hazem D. S. Al-massry. Abstract: Since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994, the PA has applied neoliberal policies on the areas which fall under its control. Moreover, all development plans have been created for the Palestinian Authority with the help of international organizations and institutions that promote neoliberal policies. This study addresses […]