Neoliberalism in Southeast Asia: Has governmental interference shrunk?

Article by Lan-Hanh Nguyen. Abstract: Drawing on a book chapter (Rodan & Hewison, 2006) and an article (Gainsborough, 2010) about the working of neoliberalism in Southeast Asia, this article discusses the various outcomes of the US’s efforts to liberalize Southeast Asia. Through the cases of Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, the article argues that regarding neoliberalism primarily […]

Environmental Crime and Development Challenges: The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Asia

Article by Katarzyna Szpargala. Abstract: The global illegal wildlife trade is a billion-dollar industry and a second most abundant form of trade in the black market. It poses a threat to biodiversity, national development, security, human, and animal health. Southeast Asia, due to its biodiversity, is a center of illicit wildlife trade. Governments are struggling […]

The Dynamic of Trans-local Cultural Activism in East Asia: Notes on No Limit Tokyo Autonomous Zone (東亞跨地域文化行動主義的動能: No Limit 東京自治區的筆記)

Article by Lee Chun Fung. Abstract: With the interlinkage of social problems under the context of global capatalism, there is an increace tendency that activists from different regions build up excahnge network by thier own, in a self-organized and autonomus way. This trend suggests a growing urgency in developing a trans-local persepective in reading such dynamic, […]